Sunday, September 17, 2017

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     Over the years, many retail chains have tried to establish themselves in Florida. This fact is especially true when it comes to supermarkets, as Florida was once home to chains such as Albertsons, Food Lion, Grand Union, Jewel-Osco, Pantry Pride, Kroger, A&P, Xtra Super Food Center, and Delchamps, and I'm sure we could add many more to that list. But it didn't end with supermarkets, discounters like Zayre, Ames, Jefferson Ward, and JM Fields also came to Florida, and so did department stores like Montgomery Ward, Jordan Marsh, and Mervyns. On the drugstore side, Florida was once home to SupeRx, Rite Aid, Revco, Phar-Mor, Drug Emporium, and many others. We also had plenty of restaurant chains skip down here too. In addition to all of those stores, there are also some long gone Florida based chains we may all remember, like Burdine's, Luria's, Kash n' Karry, U-Save, Pic n' Save, and Florida's most famous national chain: Eckerd Drugstores. However, if you tried to find any locations of those stores I just mentioned in Florida today, you'd be out of luck. None of them exist in Florida anymore, and a good number of them don't exist at all anymore.

     Unlike most retail blogs (like the AFB Retail Database's sister site, The Albertsons Florida Blog), this blog won't be doing extensive posts about various individual stores. Actually, there won't be any "posting" here at all. This site was created to serve as a home to the various lists I've compiled of the locations of (mostly) dead retail chains that once operated in Florida, essentially a location database for stores in Florida. As time progresses, I'll probably get around to adding more lists of various kinds here of different retail and restaurant chains that operated in Florida. This site will not be updated on any regular basis, only as I find content and get around to compiling and posting that content. Check back here every once and a while though, as I will add an update to the bottom of the homepage when a new list is added. You can also access existing lists using the links on the site's side panel. I hope my lists can help you learn something more about Florida retail, or maybe help you discover something new. Trust me, there's always something new to uncover about Florida retail!


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